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Jewelry Repair
If you don’t know your jewelry, know your jeweler

This ring was taken to another jeweler for a loose diamond. What the customer did not see was that, to tighten the stone, this jeweler used yellow gold solder on a platinum ring. This took this jeweler less time and was cheaper.
The customer would not have seen this due to the rhodium finish put back on after the work was done.
She brought the ring in to us with 2 missing diamonds.


 A qualified jeweler would know to never use gold solder on a platinum ring. This contaminates the platinum. 
To replace the two diamonds and revive the mounting to its original quality, we had to cut out the previous work done on this ring and rebuild the prongs and undercarriage.
Unfortunately this did cost the customer additional money.  


As you can see the contaminated gold work is taken out and a rhodium finish applied.  Take your jewelry to a qualified jeweler and always ask questions until you are comfortable with the answers.  We will take the time to explain and educate you as to what we are doing with your jewelry.
This particular ring was actually run over and scrapped on the pavement. The customer did not think it would ever look good again. 
We refinished and applied a rhodium finish back on this ring.  AMAZING.........

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